Kutsinta [Take 1]

Kutsinta is probably my favorite Filipino dessert from my childhood. My mom would always buy me a pack whenever we went to Fou Lee, a local Asian market in Seattle. These little cakes can also be found at Seafood City and Uwajimaya, but all of these places are not convenient for me now that I live in the city. It made me think…can I make it myself? Is it that hard? Well for one thing, it requires a steamer so I had to borrow my mom’s. Then I had to improvise and use my cupcake baking trays since I didn’t have the actual molds that are typically used to make kutsinta. Other than the tops of the cakes not being as smooth as expected, they turned out alright! At least they tasted on point.

I had to go out of my way to buy a few of the ingredients. I got the tapioca flour and annatto powder from Viet Wah in the International District, and I got the lye water from Seafood City all the way in Tukwila because Viet Wah didn’t have it! If anyone knows of a market in Seattle that has a lot of Filipino products let me know please!

Ingredients Used:

  • Brown sugar
  • Unbleached all-purpose flour
  • Tapioca flour – $0.89 (Viet Wah)
  • Lye water – $0.99 (Seafood City)
  • Annatto powder $0.79 (Viet Wah)
  • Water




Notes for Next Time:

  • Sift flour before mixing with water
  • Use individual molds instead of baking pans to fit more pieces in the steamer

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