Jilly Fili Kitchen =
Filipina-American cooking
health-conscious + hella good

Jillian Redosendo | 26 | Seattle | Filipina-American

UX Producer. Hula and Tahitian dancer. Singer-musician.
Eater. Traveler. Explorer. Dreamer. Doer.

Hi! I’m Jill (aka Jilly), and “Jilly Fili Kitchen” is my journey to learning how to cook the food of my people, my family, my childhood, my home, and reimagining these dishes in ways that better align with my lifestyle as a 26-year-old working a full-time corporate job, living in the city and trying to keep up a lean clean diet (keyword: trying).

I moved out of my parents’ house in Kent to Seattle three months ago to have a shorter commute and to live more independently. After the first couple of months of figuring everything out I finally started to miss my mom’s Filipino cooking. Filipino businesses have become sparse in the city of Seattle. Restaurants such as Inay’s and Kawali Grill have closed down in the past few years, so the only place I can get Filipino food nearby is Oriental Mart located in Pike Place Market (which I don’t favor the idea of, considering all the tourists and how out of the way it is for me). When I’d stop by my parents’ house I would be sure to eat whatever my mom had just made, but already being 26 years old I thought “wait…I’m a grown independent woman! I can do this myself!…right?”

My generation, and pretty much everyone who works in the city, have become so accustomed to eating out and not cooking much at home. Therefore a lot of us are leaving the home-cooked meals we grew up with to our parents. But what will happen when they pass? Their cooking and recipes will pass as well. I realized that if I want to keep this food in my life it is my own responsibility to learn how to cook these dishes and carry on these traditions to future generations. This blog will document my trials and errors, but hopefully more successes haha. Thanks for reading, and I hope you find following my journey useful or at least entertaining. 🙂